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Water Heater

We supply a full range of solar water heaters set from 150 Litter up to 250 litter for pressurized and non-pressurized solar water heaters. SPECTRO+ solar water heater is available for local and international markets providing high quality and service for all your needs.


– Non-pressurized solar water heater :

Main Product Description;
1.Inner tank: SUS304-2B stainless steel 0.4mm thickness, food-grade, innocuity.
2.Outer tank: Color steel 0.35mm thickness, antirust.
3.Insulation layer: High density polyurethane foaming,50mm thickness.
4.Vacuum tube material: borosilicate glass, three target vacuum tube, ALN-SS-CU layers.
5.Tube quantity:18pcs-
6.TVacuum tube size: 58mm*1800mm(Length).
7.Tank capacity: 150L-250L
8.Bracket:Zinc coated steel,1.5mm thickness, antirust.
9.The glisten


-Integrated pressurized solar water heater : 

Product Description:
This product is a Pressure Series solar water heater.
Pre-heated solar water heater (pressurized solar water heater with copper coil), the characteristic of pressurized solar water heater with copper coil

1) Use the copper coil as the heat exchanger; according to the international fashion trend, it is simple to install and use.
2) It takes advantage of the tap water’s pressure—more pressure, more comfortable.
3) It can produce hot water continuously.


-Heat pipe vacuum tubes:

Product Details
heat pipe vacuum tube has a low thermal capacity and rapid heat
exchange(it is 1000 times of copper heat exchange speed)
heat-pipe vacuum tube
the heat pipe has a low thermal capacity and has rapid heat exchange (it is
1000 times of copper heat exchange speed, so it is an available fast heat
exchanger. The heat exchange rate is up to 99%. The startup is fast, collect solar
energy fully, at 25,5 seconds can startup heat. At the same time.