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Atmospheric Water Generator

How Spectro+ Atmospheric water Generator works:


Simple concept to convert the surrounding humidity into water.

The humidity and temperature control the water generation rate, the performance of the conversion dependent on the percentage of the humidity surrounding where the best when it is 35% and above, water still generated but with less quantity rate per day.

To guarantee the best water purity and quality; the generated water passes through multi-stage filtering giving the water that standards to fit drinking water even better specifications and to conform to international health standards.

Since the atmospheric water generator can be not only a water generator it is also a dehumidifier in areas with comparatively high humidity, which guarantees the users’ fitness and longer service life for other household appliances.

SPECTRO+ Atmospheric Water Generator also has a water cooling and heating system for the home-use machines.

The capacity of these machines starts from 20 up to 80 liters per day for home-use, from 100 up to 10,000 liters per day for industrial-use.

SPECTRO+ Atmospheric Water Generator is one machine that makes water and reducing the humidity on the surrounding atmosphere.

The cost of generating water is less than cost of water sold on outlets.

These machines fit homes, offices, hospitals, governmental departments and large size premises such as factories and industrial facilities.




  1. Microcomputer board control: This product adopts the microcomputer board control which can guarantee the stable working of all the internal components and the working conditions of each component inside the machine.
  2. Electronic sensor: Each component of the product is accompanied by various kinds of sensors, such as: UV light, heating apparatus sensors, humidity sensors and ice water sensors. These sensors can ensure that each component inside the product works coordinately, and can give an alarm automatically when some components fail.
  3. Energy conservation: The electronic sensor is installed in the water tank to save electric power. The product will stop producing water automatically when the sensor induces that the water tank is full, and will stop heating or refrigeration automatically when the cold water or hot water reaches the set temperature.
  4. Child safety lock: The function can prevent children from burns resulting from touching the hot water tap.
  5. Water leakage detector: The machine will stop working automatically and make a sound warning and simultaneously cut off the power supply under the condition that the water leakage happens.
  6. Condensing coil: Adopt the spray finishing of food grade to prevent metallic pollution and improve the working efficiency of water production.
  7. Filter screen: The first layer filter screen is used after air is condensed and converted into water. This filter screen can prevent effectively harmful bacteria, dust, silt and other floaters from entering the machine.
  8. Ultraviolet sterilization treatment: There are special ultraviolet germicidal lamps in the machine to guarantee all the microorganisms and bacteria in the water can be eliminated. The sterilization process is controlled by the microcomputer 4/9 automatically.
  9. Ozone germicidal treatment: The machine possesses special ozone germicidal treatment which can eliminate the bacteria in raw water and circulating water.
  10. Water circulation system: Disinfect the storage water periodically and carry out the RO filtration treatment again to ensure the bacteria free water.
  11. Multistage filtration system: The four-stage filtration system helps our product provide consumers with the drinking water with high quality and terrific taste.
  • PP fiber filter element: Eliminate suspended solids and silt and other granular impurities.
  • Granular active carbon: With high adsorptive capacity, it can eliminate organics and residual chlorine with abnormal color and taste and so on.
  • Precise active carbon: Eliminate organic compounds, chlorides, heavy metals and so on.
  • Reverse osmosis RO membrane: Eliminate dangerous bacteria, virus, mineral salts, heavy metals and organic compounds and so on.