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Compact Hybrid Air Conditioner

Main components of Spectro+ Compact Hybrid Air Condition:

  1. Indoor unit
  2. Outdoor unit (compressor, flat panel)

How Spectro+ Compact Hybrid Air Condition works:

Spectro+ Solar Entirety Hybrid Air Conditioner works on thermal flat panel processing, which is unique among the world air conditioners in terms of high efficiency in cooling and heating and saving electricity consumption more than the other systems inverter prevalent in the market.

Spectro+ Solar Entirety Hybrid Air Conditioner is distinguished from the other air conditioners by having a thermal flat-panel inserted on the outdoor unit, which compresses the Freon gas besides the compressor, as the air conditioner needs the compressor only when operating and then completely disconnects and keeps working on thermal kit where the outdoor unit absorbs the surrounding heat and retain.

When the air conditioner is running, Freon gas moves through the copper pipes to the heat preservation tank to compress the gas by heating it.

Spectro+ Solar Entirety Hybrid Air Conditioner also has a great feature by withstanding high temperatures up to 65C.