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Power Generator

Power Generator:


We supply a full range of generator set from (5 up to 2500) kVA for prime and standby application providing the best after-sales and service to ensure continuous power supply for your premises.

Spectro+ generator is available for local and international markets providing the same quality and service for all your needs.

Generator Model Perkins Alternator Leroy Somer (TAL) Power kVA @ 50Hz  Datasheet
SP9PKTAL 403A‐11G1 TAL040C 9 Download
SP13PKTAL 403A‐15G1 TAL040C 13 Download
SP15PKTAL 403A‐15G2 TAL040D 15 Download
SP20PKTAL 404A‐22G1 TAL040F 20 Download
SP30PKTAL 1103A‐33G TAL042C 30 Download
SP45PKTAL 1103A‐33TG1 TAL042F 45 Download
SP60PKTAL 1103A‐33TG2 TAL042H 60 Download
SP80PKTAL 1104A‐44TG2 TAL044B 80 Download
SP100PKTAL 1104C‐44TAG2 TAL044D 100 Download
SP135PKTAL 1106A‐70TG1 TAL044H 135 Download
SP150PKTAL  1106A‐70TAG2 TAL044J 150 Download
SP180PKTAL  1106A‐70TAG3 TAL046B 180 Download
SP200PKTAL 1106A‐70TAG4 TAL046B 200 Download
SP250PKTAL 1206A‐E70TTAG3 TAL046D 250 Download
SP300PKTAL 1506A‐E88TAG5 TAL046F 300 Download
SP350PKTAL 2206A‐E13TAG2 TAL046H 350 Download
SP400PKTAL 2206A‐E13TAG3 TAL047A 400 Download
SP450PKTAL 2506A‐E15TAG1 TAL047C 450 Download
SP500PKTAL 2506A‐E15TAG2 TAL047C 500 Download
SP600PKTAL 2806A‐E18TAG1 TAL047E 600 Download
SP650PKTAL 2806A‐E18TAG2 TAL047F 650 Download
SP800PKTAL 4006‐23TAG3A TAL049C 800 Download
SP1000PKTAL 4008‐30TAG2A TAL049E 1000 Download