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Solar Charge Controller 20/30/40A

Solar Charge Controller PC1600A Series

PC1600A Series (20/30/40A)


  • LCD display , easy to operate on LCD screen
  • Multi stage charging (3-stage charging , parallel charging and equalized charging function)
  • BTS – Battery remote temperature sensor terminal
  • Enable to charge Li-thium, Gel , lead-acid battery
  • With RS485 & USB communication port
  • Protection: PV array short circuit, PV reverse polarity, Battery reverse polarity, Over charging, Output short circuit

Selection Guide

MODEL PC16-2015A PC16-3015A PC16-4015A
Nominal Battery System Voltage 12VDC/24VDC (Auto Detection)
CONTROLLER INPUT PV Open Circuit Voltage 100VDC@12V/145VDC @24V
PV Array MPPT Voltage Range 16VDC~100VDC / 32VDC~130VDC
Max PV Input Power(12V) 300W 450W 600W
Max PV Input Power(24V) 600W 900W 1200W
BATTERY Absorption Voltage 12.5VDC / 25.0VDC
Refloat Voltage 13.7VDC / 27.4VDC
Float Voltage 14.3VDC / 28.6VDC
Low Voltage Protection Point 10.0VDC / 20.0VDC
DC OUTPUT Output Voltage 10.0~14.5VDC / 20.0~29.0VDC
Peak Conversion Efficiency %98 (MPPT Efficiency %99)
Max Charging Current 20 amps continuous 30 amps continuous 40 amps continuous
Max Output Current 20 amps continuous 20 amps continuous 20 amps continuous
Low Voltage alarm 10.25VDC / 20.5VDC
Low Voltage cutoff 10.0VDC / 20.0 VDC
Low Voltage Recovery 11.0VDC / 22.0VDC
Radiating Mode Automatic cooling
DISPLAY & PROTECTIO LED Indication Systematic operation, LV indication, LV protection, Over charge protection
Loads protection, Short circuit protection
LED Display Charge Voltage, Charge Current, Voltage of storage battery, Capacity of storage battery, Output current
Alarm Protections PV array short circuit, PV reverse polarity
Battery reverse polarity, Over charging protrction
Output short circuit protection
Low voltage protection for storage battery
Machine Dimension(W*H*D) 154*236*88mm (color box / pcs)
Gross Wight (kg)(per pcs) 2.5kg
Package Dimension (W*H*D) 610*308*230mm (4PCS/Carton)
Gross Weight (kg)(per carton) 10.8kg 13.4kg 13.4kg
OTHER Environmental Ratin Indoor
Operation Temperature Range -25 ~ +55
Loading (20GP/40GP/40HQ) 2500pcs / 5000pcs / 5800pcs